The Dangers of Having Raccoons near Your Property

You may see a raccoon around your residential property and think that you have nothing to worry about since it is not a big deal. You may even think that they are cute little animals. Truth be told, raccoons look cute. However, it’s not good to have raccoons around your home. This because there are several dangers that are associated with having them hang around your home.

If you live in places where many raccoons inhabit like the regions around San Diego, you will always have to deal with them on several occasions. However, there are several pests removal companies you can call upon to help you. If you live in San Diego, there are raccoon removal companies that can help. Here are the reasons why you need to call your pest removal company when you see raccoons around your home.

They Carry Diseases

Like many rodents, raccoons also carry diseases that can be very harmful. One of the deadly diseases that raccoons may carry is rabies. Raccoons can spread rabies to humans in case the humans come into contact with raccoon’s saliva. Whenever you spot raccoons, you should not try to handle them on your own for this reason. This is because they can bite or scratch you when you try to move closer to it.

They Attack Pets

Many families that live in areas where raccoons are very common have always complained about their dogs and cats suffering injuries as a result of raccoon attacks. If you have a dog and you see raccoons near your home, you should be wary. This is because your dog is likely to attack the raccoons if he sees any of them. If your dog is a smaller breed, then raccoons can kill your dog. Raccoons may not only kill your pet but can also cost you a lot of money in terms of vet bills. This is because they can make your pet to be sick as a result of rabies and other diseases.

Destroying Property

One of the favorite places where raccoons like to nest at is in the attics or basements. When raccoons come to your home, they will find small spaces in your home and build their nests there. When they do this, they will cause damage to your property. These damages can be very expensive and can cause you to incur a lot of money in terms of repair.

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