How to Keep Your House at Ideal Room Temperature

temperature cycleWherever you reside, air temperature is a significant factor that determines how comfortable a house is. Winter can be freezing up to minus 20 degrees Celcius. And recently, summer in Japan and Korea had reached 36 to 40 degrees Celcius. We need our house to protect us from harsh weather more than ever.

Insulating the Right Way

Insulation is vital to keep our house at room temperature. We now mostly rely on the air conditioning system to regulate the air circulation at home. And when there is a worn out part of window seals, outdoor air can enter the room and creates leakage. Then, the air conditioner will work harder, and the fresh and cool air will escape the house.

As you may have guessed, house insulation affects house’s temperature regardless of the weather. We want to keep the cool air during summer, and we want to keep the room warm during winter. And what you have to know is that you need different types of insulation for each season.

During hot weather, the insulation’s goal is to keep the outdoor-heat off the house. Direct sunlight on the windows can raise the temperature, which later will affect the indoor air. To reduce the heat, you can install solar shades and blinds. As for the window glass, you can apply low-emissivity films.

During winter, the insulation you need will rely much more on the window seals. Renew any worn-out seals, and you will be fine. And besides the window, you should also pay attention to the insulation in the wall and attic. Using wool insulation is enough to keep the whole house at room temperature in any weathers.

Installing a Proper Air Circulation System

A house with poor air circulation will cause not only discomforts but also harms. Allergens like dust, pollen, and pet’s fur will be trapped inside the house. Imagine how unhealthy and irritating it would be if the house’s temperature also keeps raising and raising.

an exhaust fanThere are two ways to improve the house’s air circulation system. First, you can install a vent system. The system uses a fan and air ducts to regulate fresh and polluted air. However, it may not be a common idea since a vent system is usually intended for office buildings. Nevertheless, ventilating your house can be a cheap solution for superb air circulation because it only uses a central air conditioner to distribute cool air to the whole house.

Second, you can install air conditioners in the selected rooms in the house. It is a quick solution, but it may cost you more energy in the long run. However, you can minimize the energy waste by using smart air conditioners.

Have More Plants in the House

an indoor plantWhether your house has a lawn or not, you can always have plants there. Both indoor and outdoor plants will give many benefits to the air quality. A study by NASA in 1989 proved that indoor plants could reduce the intensity of adverse substances in the polluted air. They trapped formaldehyde and benzene. Also, the microorganisms in a pot’s soil are known to purify the air.

Here is a list of plants that are best to be planted indoor: Chrysanthemum, Chlorophytum Comosum, Dracaena, Weeping Fig, Areca Palm, Bamboo, Gerbera Daisy, Spider Plant, and Heart Leaf Philodendron. They will not only keep the indoor air fresh but also add the decorative aesthetics. Place them in the right place, and you will have your house more beautiful than before.

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