Reasons for Regular Chimney Repair

chimney on roof

Chimneys provide an outlet for gas and smoke from which the fireplace produces, keeping the home safe and clean. Maintaining your chimney ensures that it will perform the way it should. Most homeowners, however, neglect routine chimney repairs since they do not use the fireplace year-round. Experts say that allowing the vent to fall into disrepair puts your home at risk of further damage and can impact the health of your family. Below are the reasons to schedule chimney repairs regularly.


Broken or cracked masonry wall along the flue and chimney can allow excess heat to be trapped behind the walls. Here it may lead to a fire. Regular inspections and repairs will ensure that the damage is addressed at an early stage. This way the system will continue to channel heat out of the house.old chimney

Dangerous Gases

If your chimney is not providing adequate ventilation, then gases such as carbon monoxide can accumulate. Detecting this gas without a sensor is difficult since it is colorless and odorless. It is known to cause severe illness and even lead to death.

Creosote Buildup

This is the oily substance which is released when plant materials such as wood and some fossil fuels burn. If it builds up in the exhaust system, it can ignite. Removing this accumulation needs to be part of your chimney repair routine.


birds in chimneyRodents and birds look for warm places to build their nests including the cozy interior of the flue. Nesting materials and accumulated animal waste can cause blockages which prevent the chimney from functioning well. These materials are also flammable, and this creates an even greater safety hazard. An inspector will remove these nests to reduce the risk of a problem when you next use the fireplace.


Chimney cleaning is a vital part of any maintenance plan. Because it is open at the top, the chimney is vulnerable to debris falling in. Anything form litter to leaves which blown onto the roof can get stuck and cause blockages which push dangerous gases back into the house.

As far as protecting your family’s safety and health is concerned, seasonal chimney repair is worth the investment. As a homeowner, you need to find a chimney repair contractor with experience who can clean and maintain gas fireplace and chimney to make sure it is safe to use.

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