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HOA Boards Vs. HOA Management Companies – Why The Latter?

Whenever residents want a neighborhood that is well kept, the best way to go about this is to create a homeowners association (HOA). At the helm of this organization should be a select committee or a board that is responsible managing and providing certain services to the residents. Besides, the board should also be in a sdsvsdfvdsvXDposition to listen to concerns raised by the residents and respond to them appropriately.

A group of volunteers fills most HOA board positions. This team helps in the administrative function whenever they are not working. As such, the ability of these individuals can be limited by time constraints and the lack of managerial skills to perform this function. As such, most HOA boards are forced to turn to HOA management companies to manage the community.


Besides the lack of time by board members in their managerial role, the aspect of experience plays a huge role in managing communities. First, most HOA management companies have been in this field for some time. Technically, they are better at planning, dealing with complaints and also managing finances. When it comes to shared resources, an experienced company will have the best ways of managing parking lots, dog parks, swimming pools, and sidewalks. Notwithstanding, having a new HOA board do this the right way would take time and resources.


When it comes to looking for companies and individuals that provide certain services, an HOA company can help you procure this in the right way and at the right price. This is made possible by the fact that most management companies have a list of trusted vendors and adequate knowledge of the prevailing market prices. This takes care of time wastages during the research process along with the probability of working with the wrong providers.

Dues Collection

asdqSsdfdregwrDThis is always a contentious subject when left to HOA boards. Considering that members of the board are picked from the residents, it can be hard or stressful for them when it comes to collecting the dues. As such, when this function is left to HOA management companies, the delinquency rates is reduced as opposed to when board members gather them. Moreover, these companies have the time and resources to pursue delinquent members.

Notably, the disparity between a community managed by a board and that one maintained by a management company is easy to tell. Thanks to the streamlined and clear approach used by HOA management companies like CityBlog, the HOA benefits from better and improved services. Having them on board is the best thing you can have for the residents.